“I want a bespoke suit that is custom made and made to measure.”

This is a common and very popular request we get from clients who contact us.  It is important to demarcate one from the other as it makes getting the job started that much easier.  So first before we get the swatch out, let’s define what we do for our clients.

Bespoke Suits – A bespoke suit is a suit with its entire design, cut, style, detail and finishing chosen from start to finish so that the design is specifically made for you and no one else.

Made To Measure – A Made To Measure Suit Will usually be what we create if you have a look at our collection catalog and see a design we already have and we work on it so it fits you properly/adequately.

Custom Suits – A Custom suit  is work that we do when a client wants a suit that is specifically their size and fit and requires pattern, cut, styling and detailing to fit them absolutely.  This usually requires lots of fittings.

When You Are Getting A Bespoke Suit Made, Your Gait Plays An Important Role In The Way We Cut The Styles You Choose To Fit You.  The Way Your Feet And Body Move Can Have A Remarkable Effect On The Way A Suit Hangs.  Getting A Bespoke Suit From Us Has The Benefit That Suits In Conventional Stores Don’t, Its Made Specifically For You And Your Body, Right Down To The Way Your Body Moves When You Stroll Or Stride.
A Suit Is A Very Special Wardrobe Item and Many Clients May Only Commission One A Few Times A Year Or For Very Special Occasions. The Shape Of Every Body Is Different And Invariably You Will Want Your Suit To Be Flattering. We Assess Your Body Shape, Your Posture And Use Intuition To Ensure That When We Fit Your Clothes We Take Your Bone And Muscle Structure Into Account When We Cut Assemble And Fit Your Suit.
There Is A Remarkable Difference Between Your Size When You Buy A Suit From A Chain Store And Your Size When A Bespoke Suit Is Commissioned.  For Every Crease In The Lining And Every Contour Of The Suit Our Careful Measurements Which We Take Are Used To Ensure That Your Suit Comes In “Your” Size. When We Do Fittings We Recheck Sizes Over So Your Suit Fits Just Right.  


The Result

A Unique Suit That Hangs With Perfection, Gleams With Expertise And Radiates Exquisite Class
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We know that making the step to choosing a new suit and getting one made is a very important task. We are here to help, you can schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation or to meet us or have our head designer come to meet you, So if you want to do that, use the little friendly box at the bottom right, we will confirm your appointment right away.

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