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Lapel Buttonhole



rolled lapel

Roll/Shawl Collars frame the neckline of your jacket with a nice contoured curve and are vogue items used predominantly for tuxedos and modern day suits from Kwame Koranteng Bespoke Tailoring.


Characterized by a rounded edge, the shawl/roll lapel is most common on dinner jackets / tuxedos perfect for weddings, high end prestige events and black tie occassions.


Although shawl/roll collars are rarely found on anything other than a tuxedo (or smoking jacket), at Kwame Koranteng we also innovatively utilise the shawl/roll lapel with intelligent colour and luxury fabric including intricate detail on other informal variations of evening wear to bring class and style to the detail we deliver.


Setting / Occasion (where to wear it): Black tie events, red carpet galas and weddings.


Body Type (who should wear it): Most body types. Not recommended if you have an extremely round face or body as the rounded lapel will accentuate those features by mimicking it. Instead, opt for a peak or notch lapel with more jagged lines instead.


Type of Suit (what to wear it on): Ideal for tuxedos.

pointed lapel

Pointed Or Peak Lapels/Collars are most commonly used for double breasted, coats and dinner jackets and in recent times for single breasted jackets as they accommodate lots of intricate hand detailing on suits.


The peak lapel is the most formal lapel style and has been around for over 100 year originally common in formal wear garments such as tailcoats and morning coats. The detail and skill that goes into these lapels at Kwame Koranteng are superb additionally due to thie intricate work that goes into them, they are the most expensive lapels we tailor.


Standard/Slim Peak Styles – A standard peak lapel is about 3.25 inches wide whilst a slim peak lapel which works well with slimmer body types are around 2.75 inches wide.


Setting /Occasion (where to wear it): Weddings, formal dinners, black tie events , at work and informal events.


Body Type (who should wear it): For those looking for some added height and simming effect, the points of a peak lapel can create an elongating effect by moving the eyes upwards towards the shoulders.


Type of Suit (what to wear it on): Double-breasted and single-breasted suits and a favourite when using pinstripe fabrics.

classic lapel notched

Classic Notched Collars/Lapels are predominant and commonly used for single breasted suits, they accomodate detailing as well as enable colour variation detailing and neat suave trim.


The Notch Lapel is also called a stepped lapel, characterised by the “notch” (opening) where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, usually at a 75 – 90 degree angle. The notch lapel is the most common lapel for a reason – it’s the most versatile of the bunch with either the slim notch which is around 2.75 and the wide notch which is 3-3.75 inches wide.


Setting /Occasion (where to wear it): Every-day business suit, interview suit, can’t-go-wrong wardrobe staple, chick-magnet ensemble for the bar.


Body Type (who should wear it): All body types. And while not a black-and-white rule, slim notch lapels will tend to flatter and maintain the proportions of a slimmer frame.


Type of Suit (what to wear it on): Ideal for single-breasted suits, blazers and sports coats. Not recommended for double-breasted suits and tuxedos.

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